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Snow White
and the
Poisoned Apple

Once Upon a Time…


In the heart of the forest, in a house in the trees, Snow White is surrounded by the passion, love and care of her seven thieves. After nearly being murdered by the wicked Queen’s poisoned hair comb, both Snow White and the thieves are on guard against another attack. 


The Queen left Snow for dead and believed she was successful in her murderous attempt until the magic mirror tells her how Snow White is thriving and continues to be the fairest in all the realm.


The Queen, in her anguish, jealousy and rage plots another attack on Snow White and prepares to return to the house in the trees to end Snow’s life once and for all.


Will Snow White get her happily ever after? 

Will the seven thieves be able to protect her against the Queen’s next attack?

Will the Queen succeed in her devious plot? 


Find out in the final chapter of the Snow White Series: Snow White and the Poisoned Apple

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