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"Deliciously Wicked"

The Book Webb

**Book Review**
Title: Snow White and the Wicked Queen: Chapter 1
Author: Regina Grimm
Genre: Dark / Erotic Fantasy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

This is the first of five books that will chronicle the classic tale of Snow White from birth to ‘happily ever after’ – all through a dark and erotic lens. This first instalment is well written with an intriguing and unusual slant on the traditional fairy tale. The Queen is deliciously wicked, and I will be interested to see how she embeds into the Kingdom and look forward to learning more of her nefarious plans as she begins to enthrall the people. While Snow White has only featured briefly so far, I am looking forward to watching the relationship between the two of them develop, as she grows up. Be warned, this book is extremely adult with the promise of more dark, mature themes to come.

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