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Snow White
and the
Seven Thieves


Once Upon a Time…


Deep in the forests, between the seven hills, lies a home twisted into the trees. Snow White, having narrowly escaped the Huntsman and her stepmother’s murderous plot, discovered the home and is ready to meet the inhabitants.


Meet the seven thieves who vow to protect Snow, and keep her safe, while introducing her to boundless pleasure. After a lifetime of isolation and trauma, Snow tumbles eagerly into their open arms. 


But the forest is not safe for our princess. 


Her stepmother learns that her Huntsman has failed and sets out personally to destroy the only woman who threatens her title as the fairest in all the realm.


Can the seven thieves protect Snow White from the Wicked Queen? Will Snow fall victim to the Queen’s cunning? 


Find out in Snow White and the Seven Thieves: Chapter 3

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