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"Definitely a book to add to your book bucket list"


𝔸ℝℂ ℝ𝔼𝕍𝕀𝔼𝕎 : Snow White and the Wicked Queen ʙʏ Regina Grimm

Love fairytales? How about fairytales with a twist? This version of Snow White will surprise you.

It started with the Queen and King awaiting the birth of their child that led to tragedy. Snow White entered into the world, and the wicked Queen soon followed.

Did the King really fall in love with the wicked Queen at first sight, or was he enthralled under her spell? Just when you think the wicked Queen couldn’t be more wicked, she does something heinous. I love to hate her, and I can’t get enough of the wicked Queen. Oh, and how Regina used the mirror in this first few chapters were brilliant. Is the new Queen really wicked, or maybe it’s her reflection in the mirror that was taking over her mind, body, and soul.

Even though this book is relatively short, it ended perfectly enough to make you wonder what would happen next. I can't wait to see how Snow White’s character will take shape in this story. And what is really the young huntsman’s role in this fairytale?

This is definitely a book to add in your book bucket list.

Well done, Congrats on your first book. Thank you for sharing this with me. I can’t wait to see what else is brewing in that mind of yours.

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