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Image by Markus Winkler

"Sensational and Seriously steamy"

Title: Snow White and The Wicked Queen
Author: Regina Grimm
Genre: Erotic Fairytale
Rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝/5

Ok, I’m guessing most of you all know the classic fairytale? well now is the time to get ready for this sensational and seriously steamy sauce pot, from the remarkably talented

Even though the backstory is already familiar to me, the author has a genius way of retelling the tale, managing to lure and seduce me from the very first page, keeping me enchanted throughout. Her character descriptions are so vividly bright and wanting, “her hair, a river of golden curls that she wore scandalously loose”.

The meat of the book is focused on an introduction to a new Queen to the King’s Castle, bringing with her a mysteriously addictive and magical mirror! The Queen has an insatiable sexual appetite and demands for all to adore her, needless to impart with you that the romance between King and Queen is deliciously hot-bloodied and uninhibited in every way! Toward the end the author cleverly brings the King’s much loved daughter, Snow White, into the story which left me hungry for the next instalment of what is proving to be a bewitching retelling of such a classic fairytale.

The first book is very well written and is as reminiscent, full of fantasy, evil and magic as I had hoped, clarifying for me, that once again, just about anything can happen in the pages of a very good book. The only BIG disappointment for me is having to wait until June for the next instalment!

This is a MUST read! 🐝
Please go ahead and check out this fabulous indie author.

Thank you Regina Grimm for sharing your unputdownable, words with me.

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