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Snow White
and the
Wicked Queen

What would the Snow White tale be without the wicked Queen?


Once Upon a Time… 


Welcome to the enchanted forest. In a castle high on a hill, a storm is brewing in the midst of the dangerous woods.

The good Queen has died, leaving her baby girl and grieving husband to care for the Kingdom of Seven Hills. 

Enter a stunning Princess who steals the King's heart with a single dance and becomes the new Queen before the sun breaks over the hills. 

But the new Queen is coldhearted, jealous, and cruel. She wields terrible dark magic and bewitches the King and the kingdom with the wink of one golden eye. Her magic mirror is hung in her shadowy tower room, and soon she has woven a spell around all she encounters. 

Can the enthralled adoration of the King and his people fill the bottomless pit in her heart?


Or will such a stunning beauty, and powerful sorceress, be undone by a tiny baby Princess?

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