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Snow White and the Wicked Queen 👑
~ I got this lovely book sent to me by Regina Grimm and honestly it’s amazing!

This is a more intimate/ sexual version of snow white. so be prepared for lots of sexual parts 🙂 When beginning to read this book I thought I knew what was going to happen since it sounded similar to the original tale. You know queen dies king finds new one but she’s actually evil. And beginning to read this it was similar, but there were many parts that caught me off guard (in a good way) the sexual intimate parts were super well written. usually they’re awkward to read and don’t flow very well, but this was different. you could really see how the queen was during the intimate parts, she’s very self centered especially by telling the king to say she’s beautiful the whole time during sex. She always wants more than she has. the author did a great job with portraying the queen especially when the queen was around different people. there was one part where the queen was talking to valet and the valet was thinking to himself “the queens voice makes me want to shrivel up”. 5 seconds later the queen gave him a smile and all the negative thoughts went away. Near the end of chapter 1 there’s such a cool concept between the queen and her mirror 🪞 (which I'm very jealous of), but I’m not gonna say it you gotta read it to find out!!😌 After reading chapter 1 I definitely hate the queen yet excited to read more :)

4.5/5 :)

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