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What's Another Word For.....? Wet, Hot, Touch Edition

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

What is the hardest part of writing erotica? Not using the “touched,” “hot”, and “wet” 1,000,000 times in a book.

Not kidding.

One would think that an author, someone who has wanted to write since she was 5 years old would have an expansive and diverse vocabulary - but nope. This gal was raised on Care Bears, Punky Brewster and Pippy Longstocking, and while I can rhyme Hop and Pop with the best of the Dr. Seuss fans, when it comes to synonyms, I struggle.

So I found a thesaurus.

Yup, an honest to God, printed-on-paper, sitting-on-a-bookshelf thesaurus and while I was supposed to be paying attention in one of the umpteen-billion Zoom calls I attend each week in my day job, I flipped through that handy SOB and I book marked all the pages that deal with synonyms and antonyms and every other kind of nyms for “hot,” “wet,” and “touch”.

Here are the word lists I have brainstormed, plus those collected from - or inspired by- The Concise Roget’s International Thesaurus, edited by Robert L. Chapman. (Thanks, Bobby!)


Burning Steaming Blushing Molten Feverish Smoldering Fevered Fervency Fervidness Eagerness Excitement Boiling Melting Sultry Torrid Thermal Firestorm Steam Glow Inferno Furnace Flush Bloom Redness Rubicundity Rosey Rosiness Fire Blaze Flame Combust Flicker Roaring Raging Sea of flames Bonfire Balefire Wildfire Blaze Spark Scintillation Cinder Brand Ember Fireworks Pyrotechnics Scorch Swelter Catch fire Flame Scald Swelter Roast Simmer Blaze Combust Gasp

Pant Smother Choke Warm as toast Torrid Sweltry Blistering Red hot White hot Ardent Like a furnace Like an oven Combust Smoking Afire


Moisture Damp Dampness Sodden Dew Rainfall Drink Liquid Dewdrops Morning dew Night dew Sprinkle Shower Splash Splatter Run Spatter Moistening Dampening Bathing Laving Flooding Deluge Soaking Sopping Drenching Dunking Shower Bathe Drip Moisten Damped Drench Saturate Flush Flood Dunk Rainy Watery Liquid Splashy Wet to the skin Dripping wet


Stroke Caress Fondle Tickle Squeeze Grab Clutch Hold Titillate Scratch Prickle Sting Creep Crawl Gooseflesh Goosebumps Tingle Atingle Finger Sense Kiss Lick Feeling up Rub Friction Tap Flick Breath Whisper Brush Graze Handle Pressure Flick Prod Paw Palm Run fingers over Touch upon Brush by Graze Nuzzle Nose Rub noses Rub against Rub Massage Kneed Lick Lap Tongue Mouth Lightly touching Playing lightly over Barely touching Choke Smother Crush Press Maul Clutch Grip Force Slap Strike Fist Grab Twist Bite Nip

What a ridiculous exercise! I am not sure how many of these words I am going to be able to weave into my next erotic novel, but I am grateful there are so many words I could use - when wet, hot and touch get worn out.

Thank you for playing with me!

With Love,

Regina Grimm is the author of erotic fairytales, written for the uninhibited readers 18+. Check out her books - Snow White and the Wicked Curse: Chapter 1 and Snow White and the Vicious Curse: Chapter 2. Snow White and the Seven Thieves: Chapter 3 coming soon!

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