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How I (sort of) Celebrated the Launch of my First Book!

I DID IT! I launched Snow White and the Wicked Queen: Chapter 1 on April 27th, 2021. And now it is time to Celebrate!

Oh, but first … I just have to update Facebook.

And Instagram.

And check my Author Central page…

Oh, and Good Reads… gotta see what is going on on Good Reads.

So after the deep dive into marketing and panicking once the book went live, I had kind of an existential mini crisis… What do I do now? I mean, I have spend the last 3 months spending every free moment thinking, planning, editing, sharing, learning, building and generally getting ready for something that is both over - and has only begun.

So I took a minute. I breathed, I walked, I went to the gym. I tried to pry myself away from the PC. Nope… still wigging out. So I unplugged my PC and I took a full day off. I went to the river. I read Anne Rice’s Lasher. I jumped in the water. I lay in the sun.

Then - I started planning my launch party. I mean, we are still mid COVID and nobody is really doing PARTY the same way, but I had an idea. I wanted a bonfire, sparklers, champagne, and a tiny handful of the people who have supported me the most along the way.

Challenge is - all but a scarce few of the most incredible supporters I have had along this journey I met online. They are from all over the world, doing amazing, creative, supportive and wonderful things where they are, and here I am wishing I could have them all pulled up around a fire in camp chairs, swigging champagne from red Solo cups toasting to one of proudest moments of my life.

So it will be in my head - or maybe when things make more sense again, it will be out in the world somewhere awesome.

Until then, CHEERS! You guys are amazing!

With Love,


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