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Book Review: The Unflinching Ash by Angela Armstrong

Out of the blue, every once in a while, a book surprises you and takes your breath away. This was that book.

I am not sure why I added Unflinching Ash to my Kindle Unlimited downloads, but I am so glad I did. I'm rarely a fan of fantasy (says the fairytale author... I do see the irony), but I took a chance and this book rose to the occasion.

In a world like ours, Mystics once ruled the night. Well, so long as they were men.

On Ash’s day of naming, she chose the Mystic path nonetheless. The same illusions that garner gasps of awe from the lamp-lit crowds earn her scorn from the basilica.

There is only one way forward: a perilous quest -- earn the Queen’s Seal, a badge of honour, and immunity.

She’ll simply have to avoid being hanged, burned or drowned first

My Review:

This book reads like a painting. The language is beautiful, descriptive and fresh. I found myself sighing again and again as I encountered phrases and descriptions I would never have thought of.

Armstrong creates a world similar enough to our own that no one is left behind. The fantasy elements are smooth and easily relatable.

The challenges that Ash has to overcome are draped over poignant and current social issues, and shameful historical events.

The characters are rich and worth caring about, the love story simple and delicious.

It was a delightful read and I am just so grateful to have found it.

Stars and Heat

An easy five stars. I have nothing more to say than I enjoyed the characters, the narrative, the love story, the story arc... just the everything :)

This is not a steamy story, but it is too dark to be called sweet. It is satisfying in a slow burn that comes to little more than a simmer, but I didn't mind. It fit with the vibe and did not detract from the read.

Well done, Angela Armstrong! I will be keeping an eye out for more books from you, the next time I am looking for a detour from my smutty ways.

With Love

Regina Grimm is the author of erotic fairytales, written for the uninhibited readers 18+. Check out her books - Snow White and the Wicked Curse: Chapter 1, Snow White and the Vicious Curse: Chapter 2 and Snow White and the Seven Thieves: Chapter 3. Stay tuned! The final chapter, Snow White and the Poisoned Apple coming October, 2021!

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