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From Forgotten Dream to Published Author

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I have wanted to write since I was five years old. I didn’t know I would write erotic fairytales as a five year old - that would be creepy - but I knew I had stories to tell.

I wanted to be published by 16… but that didn’t happen either. It is highly probable I was distracted by a number of things - in this exact order:

  1. Boys

  2. School

  3. Fear

  4. Graduation

  5. Travel

  6. University

  7. Fear

  8. Boys

  9. Getting “realistic” and finding a steady job that paid more than minimum wage and that I could do without climbing ladders or lugging garbage

I forgot it was dream and for many years the desire to write weighed on me. It was like the Universe was demanding something of me that I had no idea how to give. I wrote sporadically, I finished a few things. I even had a couple short stories published with a local writing group, but I thought the dream was dead and that this is as far as I would go.

Suddenly, it was 2020. I was 38. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I was off work and had panic attacks so often I forgot what ‘normal’ felt like. My mom had just died. Oh, and COVID… a stellar year for us all…

Something shifted and suddenly the fear of NOT achieving my life long dream of being an author by FAR outweighed the fear of … I’m not even sure.. Trying? Failing? Succeeding? People hating it? Rejection? Any and all of the above.

So I started writing. I wrote until it was finished. I had Snow White and the Wicked Queen in my hands.

Then I sent it to an editor - a lovely, kind woman who encouraged me to keep going. I sent it to ARC readers and a fist full of (adventurous) friends. And I got some great feedback - and some brutal feedback. Thank You!! The ones brave enough to kick me in the ass got me back in the editor seat and I rewrote the ARC into the final copy. The ones kind enough to greet me with enthusiasm, they kept me from giving up and curling into a ball and resigning myself to never trying anything ever again.

… I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of gal…

And then I figured out a cover, and formatting and publishing and marketing - one little baby step at a time. And it was all tough in weird ways. I went too far on some things and not far enough on others. I made major mistakes (my first website imploded and I almost threw the PC out the window.) But I kept going and now … It is launch day! I cannot BELIEVE it is actually here. I am overwhelmed, I am grateful, I am terrified (the fear never totally goes away) and am I really freaking proud.

So - here’s to me! I launched a fricking book! … and there are 4+ more where that came from :)

With Love,

Regina Grimm is the author of erotic fairytales, written for the uninhibited readers 18+. Check out her books - Snow White and the Wicked Curse: Chapter 1 and Snow White and the Vicious Curse: Chapter 2. Snow White and the Seven Thieves: Chapter 3 coming soon!

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