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Bestselling Erotic Fantasy Author

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The Complete Erotic Series

An adult fairytale for the uninhibited reader


Welcome to a kingdom far darker than the one you thought you knew. A gritty and erotic take on a tale as old as time tracks the introduction of a wicked and jealous Queen, and her magical Mirror into a kingdom of seven hills. A young Princess ignites the wrath of this cold-hearted Queen by blossoming into a beautiful young woman. 

Under the threat of dark magic and certain death at the hand of a skilled huntsman, the Princess must run for her life into the forest home of seven dangerous men. The thieves in the forest offer protection and refuge for our princess and offer the opportunity for her to explore love and lust in ways she had never hoped to know. But not even seven exiled warriors and mercenaries can protect the Princess from the Queen’s wrath. 

The Queen’s magic has a long and powerful reach and when she discovers that Princess Snow White still lives, she crosses the seven hills with devious plans to ensure our lovely Princess is well and truly dead.


A dark and sensual reimagining of the Brothers Grimm Fairytale Snow White.


These aren’t the bedtime stories your grandma told you.

Snow White and the
Wicked Queen

What would the Snow White tale be without the wicked Queen?

A dark and steamy version of the classic tale.


Once Upon a Time…

Snow White
and the
Vicious Curse

The erotic story continues. 


The Queen unleashes a terrible power, shattering the promise of a bright and happy future for the dear Princess Snow White.

Snow White and the
Seven Thieves

Once Upon a Time…

Meet the seven thieves who vow to protect Snow, and keep her safe, while introducing her to boundless pleasure. After a lifetime of isolation and trauma, Snow tumbles eagerly into their open arms. 


But the forest is not safe for our princess.


Snow White and the
Poisoned Apple

Once Upon a Time…


In the heart of the forest, in a house in the trees, Snow White is surrounded by the passion, love and care of her seven thieves. After nearly being murdered by the wicked Queen’s poisoned hair comb, both Snow White and the thieves are on guard against another attack. 


Look Inside!

Check out a sneak peek of this hot and steamy fairytale...

Once Upon a time... Sure, we all know the story. A pretty girl, a jealous step mother, a magic mirror and seven kind men. Well honey, your fairytale is all grown up and steamy as hell. Take a closer look here.


Praise for
Snow White and the Wicked Queen

“I wish you were this beautiful, little one. I wish you were as beautiful as red blood in white snow against a black window frame.

Queen Aalis, 

Snow White and the

Wicked Queen: Chapter 1

The weak winter sun danced off her hair like sparks from a fire.


Eyes shining, the Queen’s lips curled softly into a smile so serene no one could see the emptiness behind it.

"Sensational and seriously steamy"

Queen Bee's Book Hive

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About Me

The Snow series is the authorial debut of Regina Grimm. After traveling and living abroad, Regina fell in love with fairytales and folklore, and how nostalgia can blend with eroticism as we grow into healthy adults. She was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and currently lives on Vancouver Island.


“And can you keep secrets?”

The Huntsman lifted one hand and crossed his heart. “Until the forests burn and the castle crumbles.”

“Until your eyes melt from your head and your heart turns to coal?” The Queen leaned closer to whisper in his ear and was rewarded by his shudder.

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